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World Economics Association – RWER no. 67



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Issue no. 67, 9 May 2014
You can download the whole issue as a pdf by clicking here

In this issue:

Loanable funds vs. endogenous money: Krugman is wrong, Keen is right           2
Egmont Kakarot-Handtke     download pdf

Why DSGE analysis cannot accurately model financial-real sector interaction           17
Piet-Hein van Eeghen     download pdf

Evaluating the costs of growth          41
Asad Zaman     download pdf

Climate change, carbon trading and societal self-defence          52
Max Koch     download pdf

Supply and demand models � the impact of framing          67
Stuart Birks    download pdf

Excess capital and the rise of inverted fascism: an historical approach           78
John Robinson     download pdf

What is the nature of George Soros� INET?          90
Norbert Haering       download pdf

Public debt crises in Latin American and Europe: A comparative analysis           97
Oscar Ugarteche      download pdf

Reconciling homo-economicus with the biological evolution of homo-sapiens          117
Taddese Mezgebo      download pdf

Ordinal utility and the traditional theory of consumer demand: response to Barzilai          130
Donald Katzner    download pdf

Book review essays

The capitalist algorithm: Reflections on Robert Harris� The Fear Index          137
Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler     download pdf

The accidental controversialist: deeper reflections on Thomas Piketty�s Capital          143
Thomas I. Palley     download pdf

Board of Editors, past contributors, submissions and etc.            147

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